All donations goes toward paying for the server and paying for new plugins! ##READ BELOW##

How to claim your donation!

Type this ingame: /claimdonation

Before donation you will sign in with steam and all you have to do ingame is write the command above! 


Keep in mind if /claimdonation did not work give it another minute and try again. If this wont do the trick msg Kenty#5577 on Discord and he will sort you out real quick!

All packages last for LifeTime or untill the server shuts down!

  • There will be no refund.
  • If you got banned, still no refund.
  • If you quit the server after 1-2 months, no refund
  • After have clicked buy this package, you are saying that you accept that there is no refund.
  • If the server shuts down, no refund.
  • The Donation packages can change in any time and some can be removed if it casuses problems.
  • Kits, Plugins & Tags might change over time!

Thanks for understanding and enjoy your stay on RustyVikings!