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Hello all Nakids and friends. As you all know we were working on a new idea to pay a developer to create a new plugin (RaidableBases). The Developer scammed me and does not want to sell the new plugin any more.

I contacted some official developers at Http:// and found a developer that was willing to make this plugin (and even better). He knows about the other dev and he is not happy about what he did to us. I made a Plan to set him to work and start working on this new plugin. We agreed to a price of 250 USD which is 225 euro. I know it sounds as much but if you count the hours of work put into this he’ll get payed less than 5 euro an hour. I have never asked for money as an Owner and it’s something I’m not good at. Still i want to ask you if you like the idea of Raid bases in the PVE and PVP servers. You are able to buy Raid Tickets with your Reward Points (RP). If you feel this is a great idea you are more than welcome to donate whatever you can spare or want to by using this link:

You can also buy one of the VIP or VIP+ Packages and get back something in return..
When you deside to donate for VIP or VIP+ remember that you get VIP or VIP+ at all  Modded servers that we host.

PVP servers wipes biweekly and PVE currently wipes 1st Thursday of the month. Rusty Planet is a small community. Perfect for learning the game whether you choose to play on the PVP or the PVE server.
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