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90 days VIP Donator status

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180 days VIP Donator status

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Welcome to MENTAL's donation page. The official donation page for the Rust MENTAL server. Thank you for donating!

To donate
Add either the 30, 90, or 180 day package to your cart. Please make sure it's only 1 quantity. You will need to login to Steam so that the system knows which user to give the VIP status to. After logging in check out using Paypal. You may either use your Paypal account to pay or use a credit card. Visa/MC, Discovery, AmEx, and Debit are accepted. Giftcards may work if Paypal can process them.
(Please message TheShadow#3140 on Discord to discuss payment by Crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, etc.)

After donating, join the server and type in /claimdonation

VIP features:
- A snazzy new title in-game

- One extra "set home". By default players have two. Donators will have three.

- Twice the teleports and warp homes in a day, twice as fast cooldown. By default players have 5 teleport homes and 5 teleport to player. Donators will have 10 and 10.

- Access to VIP Kit packages. Currently you can get the Halloween and Christmas items ONCE per map wipe.


- Access to the new Instrument DLC via Kit

- Access to Sign Artist. Type in /sil [urladdresshere]

- Access to MyMiniCopter. Type in /mymini to spawn a heli once every 20 hrs

Please be careful when claiming your Kit as they are large and you may need an empty inventory to get all the goods. Perhaps claim it while in a safe spot to prevent looters from stealing it.

When donating, please note that donations are non-refundable. You are financially assisting the Rust game server's monthly costs. You aren't purchasing a service. As a thank you for helping us out, we're giving your Steam Account a VIP status on the server for the allotted time. VIP status is subject to change as mods and plugins change and go through regular updates. Features may be removed, added, or updated without warning. If something changes, we will always try to make sure our thanks to you is worth your financial contribution.