ratedpixels | Webstore

ratedpixels | Webstore


-Paypal or Credit/Debit cards
(Use the donation store. After donating you will be able to ::claimweb ingame instantly.)

(Do you wish to donate with a paysafecard? Contact "Boris")

-Runescape Money
(25mill runescape or 4mill Oldschool equals a 5$ donation. Contact "Boris")

-BitCoin (And other cryptocurrencies.)
(Do you wish to donate with BitCoin? Contact "Boris")

-Donations get you "Donator Points", which you can use to buy in-game items. Higher donations get you more points.

-Donators have unlimited access to the ::yell chat. They don't have to wait 20 seconds after sending a message.

-Donators can access the Donorzone ::dz (You can make good money there killing different bosses.)

-Donators can ::empty there inventory.

-Donators get an extra vote point every time they vote.

-Extreme Donators can use ::spec to recover there special attack.
-Extreme Donators can go to ::edz (extreme donator zone)
-Extreme Donator can open up ::bank (Not in the wilderness)
-Extreme Donators can do ::super (to get 116 in all attack stats)
-Extreme Donators will also get extra points ( +3 boss points per boss killed. +2 vote points. +3 Assault points. )