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HV Ammo Pack $1.50
Supply Signal 6 Pack $3.00
Bolt Action Rifle Pack $1.00
Resource Pack $5.00

Welcome to the PVEGaming web store. This store allows us to provide a small service to our players in exchange for their support of our servers.  The store is only available for our main PVE server. If you are unclear as to which server is our "main" PVE server, it is the server with "PVEGAMING" in the title.

We understand the things in this store cost real money. We want to make sure you are successful at receiving everything you're buying and you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. Here are some things you need to know before you make a purchase in this store: (Yes we expect you to read these - it's kinda important)

  • The items being sold in this store are for the game "Rust" and they will only work on the PVEGAMING PVE server. This is not like items you purchase on Steam, like skins, that stay with your account.
  • To redeem your purchased items in-game, press T to open the chat prompt and type "/claimdonation" (without quotes). You should see a confirmation of the items going into your inventory on the right, above your health stats and of course you will see the items in your inventory once the transfer is complete.
  • If you purchased multiple packs in the store, the plugin will attempt to place all of those packs into your inventory when you run the claimdonation command.
  • If you do not have the space in your inventory when you redeem your purchases, the excess items WILL BE LOST!
  • No single pack is larger than what will fit into a player's empty inventory. We STRONGLY recommend you purchase and redeem one pack at a time unless your are absolutely sure all items will fit into your inventory
  • The plugin will tell us when a purchase has been made and whether or not it has been claimed. It will not tell us whether or not all items were successfully transferred into your inventory.   
  • It will be up to you to ensure you have the space and that you received all of the items you purchased.
  • Admins will not replace items lost as a result of a player miscalculating the available space in their inventory. Once the site indicates the purchase has been "claimed", we consider our part of the transaction complete.
  • If there are any issues that arise due to a typo or something being incorrectly set up, we will promptly correct the situation and make sure you get what you purchased. :)