Protection Norway

All donations go toward paying for the server and paying for new plugins!


How to claim your donation!
Type this ingame: /claimdonation
Before donation you will sign in with steam and all you have to do in-game is write the command above!

Keep in mind if /claimdonation did not work give it another minute and try again. If this won’t do the trick message me on: GhostReider#9526/ProtectionPVE on Discord and he will sort you out really quick!

VIP last for 30 days after purchase.
Premium last for one year.
Gold last for ever or until the server is shut down.
There will be no refund.
If you got banned for in-game violations, no refund.
If you quit the server, no refund
If the server shuts down, no refund.
After have clicked buy this package, you are saying that you accept that there is no refund.

The Donation packages can change in any time and some can be removed if it causes problems.
Kits, Plugins, Prices & other things might change over time!
Thanks for the understanding and enjoy your stay on Protection Norway!

Things may not always work as intended; we will try to fix issues as soon as possible!

Link for Discord: