Welcome to the new Official Nexus Donation Page.
Here you will be able to donate for in-game reward books and perks.
Please note, player account perks are obtainable through redeemed bonds only.
Books do not stack.

Thank you for taking the time to donate and support our Community, we do our best to make sure all funds go right back into our projects in the right ways.

Upon accepting these terms you have confirmed you will recieve your in-game items and all donations are FINAL. We will not provide refunds via your contirbutions, you are supporting us and our team to continue doing what we are doing. Once submitted your payment is put directly in a building fund for our project and your account will have the provided perks applied to your game account information, this is non reversable

Once again thank you for supporting Nexus and helping us push further to continue doing the best we can for our members!