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Vip £10.00
All Blueprints £4.00
Skin Box £1.50
VIP++ £20.00

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Server ip:

Owner: (ZF) Billkez.EnT

Chatmods: Azzaboy and Evilearnie

Special thanks to: Liquid for helping with the server to make it better.

When you buy a vip kit do /claimdonation it might say no donation was found but it will give you it you can check by saying something in chat and see if you have the vip tag


Server Plugins:

/help - Shows you all the commands in chat.
/turret - Turns on Turrets/Sam sites when looking at them - VIP .
/ad - Turns Off/On auto door close.
/up 1/2/3/4 -  Upgrade your whole base to Wood/Stone/Metal/HQM.
/bgrade 1/2/3/4 - allows you to build in Wood/Stone/Metal/HQM - VIP. 
/kit - Shows available free kits and VIP kits when bought.
/sethome - Name - Allows you to set a home to teleport to.
/home - Name - Allows you to teleport home. 
/tpr - Player name - Allows you to teleport to players.
/tpa - Accepts players tpr request.
/pm - Private messages to other players.
/r - Responds to a Private message.
/remove - Removes anything you have placed.
/mymini - Spawns a mini copter.
/fmini - bring your mini to you.
/nomini - Removes the mini copter.
/outpost - Teleports you to outpost.
/trade - Allowes you to trade with any player.
/tcinv - Allowes you to open your tc in building privilege.
/br - Allows you to repair all your of base.
/backpack - Gives you more storage space - Drops on death.
/skin -  Skin your items. - SkinBox VIP
/pr - shows player ranks on the server
/verify - will give you a code to send to the discord bot for a discord kit