Elveron RS3 | Webstore Welcome to the donation page of the RSPS. Here you can find all of the benefits that you can receive ingame as a gratitude of your generous donation. These donations proceed to the server for hardware, servers, advertisements, etc. To browse through the donation options, please refer to the tabs above titled "Donation Bonds" and "Treasure Hunter Keys". Thank you for helping out the server! Find out what features donators get by clicking the Donator Info tab of the player control panel! What can a rank donation do for the server? $10 (Regular) - Buy the developers a few cups of coffee or energy drinks to help pull all-nighters on development. $15 (Extreme) - Allows the server to maintain a proper technical support system for a month. $25 (Legendary) - Pays gold status for a month on one of our many toplists that bring in many players. $50 (Supreme) - Purchase the server advertisement stickies on popular gaming forums to get attention for our server. $100 (Divine) - Provides a week's pay roll to one of our hard working developers. $200 (Angelic) - Funds our dedicated server and web hosting for an entire month. $400 (Demonic) - Buys us an advertisement on a major RSPS website for a month that brings in the majority of our traffic. $750 (Heroic) - Help us out with all our required payments that we must make for half a month, all on your own.