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Classic Rust | 2x | Monthly - BattleMetrics

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Store prices are listed in Canadian currency. 


Also, please ensure that you have enough space in your inventory prior to claiming one of the one time purchase donation options.




Commands, plugin, and config information:

Clans (/clanhelp), Private message (/pm), Sil images (/sil), Skinbox (/skin), Help (/help).

Resource stack size set to 10x (10,000) as well as increased stack sizes for various utility and building items.

Map size 4500.

Group limit 4.

x2 resource gather rate.

Full day & night cycle.

Animal and scientist AI is ON.

Furnace and recycler speed set to default.

Automatic clan authorization.

Instant craft.


SIL images.

SAM Sites behave like auto turrets. (authorization based on TC)



-How do I recieve kit permissions after purchasing a kit in the shop?

Simply type /claimdonation in game and the server will automatically assign your account with permission for the kit. If this for whatever reason does not work and you are not able to claim your kit with the /kit (kit name) command, please join our Discord and contact one of the admins.


-How do I receive the one time purchase items that I bought from the shop?

First, ensure that you have an empty inventory. Then type /claimdonation in game.


-Why am I seeing various extra items in some boxes and crates?

This server uses the default vanilla loot tables plus has configured low chances of adding various extra fun and useful items to boxes and crates. The extra loot depends on the crate rarity. This server has what could be considered "skill based" extra loot, meaning more dangerous endeavours yield greater rewards. 


-How do I pick up / move a personal recycler (from the VIP kit) after placing it? 

You can remove a personal recycler by simply hitting it with a hammer. The recycler will be placed into your inventory and you may place it again where desired.


-How do I get a test generator on this server?

Test generators can sometimes be found in various types of high tier loot crates. For example, patrol helicopter crates have a small chance of containing a test generator.