Welcome to Belphegor server.

Thank you for considering making a donation.
The donations will help us with
server costs, website cost, custom plugin and more. 

Feel free to contact me:
[email protected]


1) Choose your donation and add to cart
2) On cart, log in with your steamID 
3) Click to pay with PayPal account
4) Ranks & permissions should be added instantly and automatically. (but a Possible five-minute delay). 
Done :) check permissions and view /kits in-game.


1) Be sure you are in a safe place in-game before making a donation or claim kits
2) Be sure you have enough inventory space before claiming a donation reward.


Terms and Conditions:
1. All donations are non-refundable. By donating, you are not buying these Kits and permissions, you are donating, and we are gifting these Kits and permissions as a bonus, a way of saying thank you. 
2. Donated again will not give you the option to stack on the same account.
3. Donated will not give you the option to Fast support from admins.
4. Donated will not give you the option not to obey the rules. You will get BAN as a normal player.
5. Not Responsible For Lost Or Stolen Items