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100 Donation Points + Donator Status $15
250 Donation Points + Donator Status $30
600 Donation Points + Donator Status $60
400 Donation Points + Donator Status $45

allstarlegends | Webstore


-Paypal or Credit/Debit cards (Use the donation store. After donating you will be able to ::claimweb ingame instantly.)

-Paysafecard (Do you wish to donate with a paysafecard? Contact "Boris")

-Runescape Money (30 mill runescape or 5 mill Oldschool equals a 5$ donation. Contact "Boris")



-Donators get 5% increased droprate for rare items and Etreme donators 15%

-Donations get you "Donator Points", which you can use to buy in-game items. Higher donations get you more points.

-Donators have unlimited access to the ::yell chat. They don't have to wait 20 seconds after sending a message.

-Donators can access the ::donorzone where they can chill and train skills faster than normal.

-Donators have access to the Donator Dungeon where you can find various bosses that can drop good items.

-Donators get more vote points when they claim there ::vote.

-Extreme Donators have access to the Extreme Donator Dungeon. This dungeon contains all Godwars bosses, with only one minion to accompany them instead of three. You can easily come back there after dying, in contrast to the normal Godwars Dungeon where you can very easily lose your stuff when you die.

-Extreme Donators can host dice games (::dice ::host55 ::diceclan ::clanhost55). Thank you for considering a donation!