Universal Rust

Welcome to

Name server: [EU/UK] Universal Rust 2x |Kits|Shop|BP|
Connect: steam://connect
Website: http://universal.rustservers.info/
Description of the server/Plu-gin:
- X2
- R.I.P (Locate your body)
- 60 players
- Sil (Customize your home, upload .jpg images.)
- BackPack (An extra backpack, always at hand.)
- RemoveTool (Did you make a mistake in putting an object? No problem.)
- And many other mods installed
- PM (Would you like to send a message in private? Now you can!)
Map: Procedural Map 3.500 SIZE
- The Wipe will be done the obligatory one, that is every first Thursday of the month.

Discord https://discord.gg/3t7xQrN
Group Telegram: https://t.me/UniversalRust