Underground Gaming|4x

VIP Packages for Underground Gaming 4X Server

Underground Gaming|4x|Staff Noob Friendly|Solo/Duo/Trio

VIP Lite - $5 a month
- Change Weapon Skins. (/skinbox)
- Larger Backpack (/backpack)
- Post images on signs/paintings. (/sil)
- Exclusive Kit

VIP - $10 a month
- Remote Turrets.
- Automated Searchlights.
- Automatic Pipes.
- Autolock Doors on placement.
- Change Weapon Skin.
- Instantly place upgraded HQM walls.
- 1 extra home.
- 10 Second TP wait time.
- Exclusive Kits.
- 2 Supply Signals.
- Discord Tag & Channels.
- Post images on signs/paintings.
- Place skulls on sign.

VIP+ - $15 a month/$60 a year
- 8 Second TP time.
- 2 extra homes.
- 60 second teleport cooldown.
- Squad Airstrike every 72 hours.
- Including all of VIP features.

Please view individual pages for more details.


Terms of Service

At Underground Gaming, we host our server on a top of the range dedicated server. This is so we can provide the best experience for our players! In all respects, we now accept donations to keep the server up and running. When you donate, you will receive a gift from us saying "Thank you for your donation". All kits will be referred to as gifts.

We do not accept Refunds due to what we provide is un-refundable. Donating does not exempt you from following the server rules if you get your account banned or EAC'ed, this does not mean you are eligible for a refund. We can make any changes to the kits or the servers you donate on to provide the best service possible.

We currently store your email that was used to log into our store, we don't use your email to send: offers, pass onto other companies or any other malicious activity. Your email is only used to keep a record of our clients.

If you need support, please feel free to send an email to – [email protected] or contact an Admin on Discord.

Updated on: 23/03/2020