buy the VIP kit is valid for both x20 and x1000 servers

All the funds raised will be for the rental of the servers as well as the purchase of the plugins and ONLY for that

You cant cumulate your VIP time,

its for 30 days only!!


Having the status of vip allows you to have your opinion on future plugins or to propose evolutions for the server. Then you can join the VIP vocal/text channel in discord and be first for server news (claim your vip status on discord).

- More slots in Backpack (42 slots)
- Homes -total 10
- Less time for teleport (Instant)
- Teleport to outpost or bandit (instant)
- Homerecycler
- Bgrade 1..2..3..4

- Upgrade ->   /up 1.. 2.. 3.. 4 ressources on tc
- Base Repair type /br and enought ressources on you
- CraftPanel -> Small VIP shop for craft vehicles, Centry turrets, Super Card (open all monuments doors)
- Portable Vehicle
- Skin  /skinbox  and skin what you want
- Autocodelock: lock all with pin code and no lock needed.

- Furnaces Lock
- Friendly Fire: you can enable or disable /FF
- Turrets no power needed (on/off switch on turret))
- Chest Stack (you can stack the chests at 3 heights)
- M249 is your now (every 30 mins claim a M249 do /kit)

- A PVP kit can be claimed every 20 mins
Pvp kit:
FaceMask, chestplate,kilt, L96, Lr300, 5.5 Hv Bullets,5.5 Explosives Bullets,weapons attachments.


Any kit will not be refunded in the following cases:

- Using kit and take what you need before ask for a refund.
- Cheating on the server - Ban
- Spamming, racism, harassment ... Ban
- Attempted fraud, ban
- Ban of discord
- If you have bought the same kit twice (it is well enough explained so as not to be mistaken)

For any other problem join discord and ask Aoki in private message, be patient for the answer admins have a life.
Thank you and good games

By purchasing this kit you have read the server rules and you accept them!