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Welcome to RustWorld5x!

This is a brand new server.

We have a highly dedicated team of admins to make sure you have the best experience as possible.

Join our Discord at: 

Visit our website at:

This server wipes every Thursday @ 3pm EST.

Gather Rates are 5x

Max Team Limit 8

24/7 Admin Support

Highly optimized server for smooth stability. There is fully customized loot tables (Most junk removed).

Custom events within the server to give the players extra challenges, and many things to do.

This server is highly focused on PVP/Raiding. We believe player interaction is important. Positive or negative.


Furnace Splitter, BP Share With Team

Home Teleport, Player Teleport

Backpack, Kits

Bgrade, Raid Block

Combat Block, MyMini

Rustanic, Remover Tool

Loot Bouncer (Removes loot left in boxes after time)

Increased Stack Sizes, Stackable Boxes

Clans, Increased Rates

Fast Smelt, Instant Crafting

And Much Much More!