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Welcome to the Amber-Rust webstore



Our store is a seamless way to purchase in-game kits and items. 

All payments go towards supporting and improving the server. Running a server is not only stressful, but is also very costly. Without donations we can't keep the server running, we reward all of our users for donating, as we could not be doing this without you.

After your purchase, type /claim in game chat - afterwards you'll see your item(s) in your inventory or in /kit available to redeem. We hope that you find what you're looking for!

If you have any problems just contact us via our Discord which you can join here.


By donating you are agreeing to the following terms: A donation is purely voluntary and the donator is not entitled to any items, services or special treatment. As donations help cover website, server costs and upgrades, all donations are strictly non-refundable. After donating you still have to follow all rules on the server and you can still be banned for breaking them. The donation rewards and terms are subject to change without notice. Thanks for keeping the server alive!



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All transactions are covered by PayPal protection & Secure Steam Sign-in.